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The Crafty Concierge

Hi World Trotters, I know it’s been some time since the last post- welcome, welcome. While it’s important to be adequately but not necessarily absolutely prepared before a trip, travel agents help create the tight or loose itinerary that you aim for. In addition to your travel agent, you have another useful tool who sometimes goes unnoticed- your […]


Earth Day Facts 2015!

Happy Earth Day!  This Earth Day, we want to address concerns over animal agriculture vs plant-based agriculture. In doing so, here are some facts about how our diets and lifestyles affect our planet: A University of Chicago report states that changing to a vegan diet is more then changing to a hybrid car for reducing greenhouse gases: […]

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Featured Vacations


New Year’s Cruise in Europe!

THE CRUISE – OUR VEGAN WINTER WONDERLAND Cruise in 5-Star luxury; from every scented bath, to every vegan gourmet meal expertly created by our vegan onboard chefs. An undeniable pleasure that many guests comment on is the feeling they got the very first time they stepped about a Scenic ‘Space-Ship’. The sense of space, the […]

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Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Italy Trip 2015

Experience Vegan Italy guest-hosted by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, best-selling author, talented chef and award-winning podcast producer.

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2015 – The Inaugural Year of Vegano Italiano Festival

  The popularity of our vegan tours has inspired the idea of dedicating an entire month to celebrating all things vegan! Join us for our Vegano Italiano Festival! You aren’t required to be vegan to enjoy these tailored tours, but you may change your lifestyle once you go! We base the Vegano Italiano Festival in […]

Veggie Tours: Ecuador

The Andean Energy (Thermal Springs Tour) Code: ECU-001 (9 DAYS 8 NIGHTS) 100% vegetarian meals included. DAY 1 Quito Assistance and transfer in Quito from airport to selected Hotel Quito, founded by the Spanish conquistadors on late 1534 over the remains of an eight-hectare walled and purposely-destroyed Inca palace was the hometown of the last […]

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